Tournament Tickets

There are 500 public tournament tickets available each year.  Those who have participated in the previous year’s tournament have first right of refusal for their ticket(s) for the upcoming event.   In 2017 we have approximately 120 tournament  tickets that are for sale and available now.   Those who are grandfathered from last year have until May 1st 2017 to commit to participating and paying for their tournament tickets.   Tickets not paid for by May 1st 2017 will become available for public sale.   Once you purchase a tournament ticket you too are granted first right of refusal for the following event.

Ticket Price

  • $150.00 per rod

Up-coming Deadlines

May 1st

Those with reserved tickets have until May 1st to re-purchase their grandfathered tickets. Those not paid for by this date go back into the general public pool of tickets.

July 1st

Sponsors must have their company artwork to us by this date to be included on the tournament t-shirts

July 15th

We will place our t-shirt order on this date with our supplier so that we will have them in hand for the pub night.  Those buying tournament tickets after July 15th will not receive a free tournament t-shirt.   We will ensure anyone who has bought a ticket prior to this date will get a free t-shirt of the size they request.  Please ensure you indicate the size you want when you fill out your registration portion of your tournament ticket.

Aug 6th

If you purchase your ticket after August 6th you will not have a free roast beef buffet meal allotted to you at our awards banquet.  We will submit a food order with our caterers on August 7th and that order will be based on tickets sold to that date and only for those who have circled yes they will attend, on the registration portion of the tournament ticket.

Info about Buying Tickets

All tournament tickets are available either online here or at any of our tournament retail vendors.  Tickets purchased here online can be picked up at the pub night.   You can print off a receipt of purchase when you buy online.  We also get immediate notification of your purchase from PayPal.  If you are from out of town we will mail them to you or make alternate arrangements with you for pickup.  For mailing please ensure you purchase early enough to allow for delivery from regular mail service.

Tickets available in stores on March 1st.

Buy from any of the following retail outlets: Island Outfitters,  Trotac Marine, Alpine Marine, Eagle Eye Outfitters, Pedder Bay RV Resort and Marina and Home Hardware (Sidney).


Fishing Tournament Tickets and SVIAC Memberships

Purchase SVIAC Memberships and Fishing Tournament tickets online through PayPal using your Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express or from your PayPal account.
PURCHASING INSTRUCTIONS: From the drop-down menu boxes below, click on the type of membership or tournament tickets you want and then click on the “add to cart” button. You will have the option to change the quantity or type of membership when viewing your cart.


  • $40.00 – Annual Adult Membership

  • $500.00 – Annual Corporate Memberships

Membership Options


$150.00 each

T Shirt Size
Will you be attending the banquet?
Telephone Number
Full name on the ticket