Aug 20-21, 2016

The SVIAC Board of Directors and organizers of the 2016 Alpine Group Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament have made an especially difficult decision by electing to reschedule this year’s fishing event. The Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament will be moved to Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st August. The event will maintain the exact same format as planned for in June. All existing ticket holders will have the option to retain their tickets and fish the derby in August.

Sadly, this coming Father’s Day Weekend (June 18th and 19th) has been plagued by the possibility of a salmon fishing closure or the worsening of fishing opportunities regardless of Chinook abundance. In addition, the lack of a punctual decision about 2016 Fraser 5-2 Chinook management has harmed our event, which is now less than four weeks away. These problematic realities have led to slow ticket sales as local anglers opt not invest in uncertainty and despise the threat of a slot fishery being held over in June and July. Rather than stand by and watch our important social salmon angling celebration event be marred by a lack of respect from the authorities about the needs of South Vancouver Island’s angling community, the SVIAC board is taking action to preserve the integrity of this popular event.

Additionally, as the tournament is a major fund raising initiative to support SVIAC’s Sooke Chinook sea pen project, the organizers believe moving it to August improves the chance of raising funds.

Without question, SVIAC’s Board pass on their sincere apologies for any inconvenience that this rescheduling may cause.