Rules and Regulations



1.  Official Fishing Dates & Times

Saturday August 11th – 5:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
Sunday August 12 – 5:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.

2.  Derby Headquarters and Weigh Station Location

The Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament will be headquartered at Pedder Bay RV Resort and Marina on Rocky Point Road in Metchosin. The tournament’s official weigh station will be at the same location. The tournament coordinator and weigh master will be stationed at Pedder Bay Marina during the event.

3.  Weighing in Fish

(i) – There is only one official weigh station for the Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament located at Pedder Bay RV Resort and Marina;
(ii) – The weigh station will be open on:

Saturday August 11th from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Sunday August 12th from 7:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon;

(iii) – Contestants weighing in fish to the tournament MUST BE in the weigh scale line up by closing time each day to weigh their fish;
(iv) – Contestants weighing in fish MUST provide the weigh scale staff their tournament rod ticket, and valid tidal waters fishing license with necessary stamps attached for their entry to be validated. You must also have your fish draw tickets filled out prior to your arrival at the weigh scale;
(v) – All public and sponsor tickets MUST be assigned a person’s name by 9pm on the Friday the night before tournament fishing begins.  Once the name of the person on the entry ticket is assigned, only fish from that entrant can be weighed in against that ticket. (i.e. you cannot have one person weigh-in fish on a ticket on Saturday and a different person weigh-in fish on that same ticket on Sunday);
(vi) – Each participant may enter two (2) salmon and one (1) halibut per day;
(vii) – All salmon entries must be greater than five (5) pounds in weight;
(viii) – Only salmon and halibut that meet the size criteria set out in the tidal water recreational fishing regulations in place at the time of the tournament will be accepted at the scales, no exceptions will be considered;
(ix) – fish are not to be cleaned, gutted or physically damaged prior to being weighed in;
(x) – any person attempting to weigh in fish caught illegally, not in compliance with tournament rules, caught outside the boundaries and/or caught outside the derby times will be disqualified immediately;
(xi) – There are (12) twelve major salmon prizes for the largest (12) twelve salmon weighed in. Only (1) one major top twelve salmon prize will be awarded per entrant. (Larger salmon being weighed in will bump smaller salmon off the top twelve salmon leader board;
(xii) – The top 3 and heaviest hatchery salmon prize leading salmon will be held by the weigh master (salmon bumped out of the top 3 positions or the heaviest hatchery salmon will be released for pickup by their owners). Any released fish not picked up by noon on Sunday will be donated to the Sooke Food Bank (draw tickets will be given for the Sooke Food Bank prize draw and can be picked up at the awards banquet, prior to the draw);
(xiii) – Fish that win 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and heaviest hatchery salmon prizes become the property of the derby.
(xiv) – For fish to be accepted at the weigh scale and to qualify to win any prize that fish must be caught during posted tournament fishing hours, must be in the scale lineup at Pedder Bay Marina between 7 am and 5 pm on Saturday or between 7 am and 12 noon on Sunday.   All fish entered must also be entered on the day they are caught, meaning no fish caught on Saturday will be accepted at the scale on Sunday.

How The Weigh Scale Procedure Works

(please do not park in any fashion that interferes with the normal flow of marina traffic)

When you arrive at the weigh scale you will be directed to a table where our staff will ensure that you have your tournament ticket, a valid fishing license and that you have your fish draw tickets pre-filled out properly. Once that is confirmed you will be given a piece of coloured paper with your tournament ticket number written on it You are now free to enter the weigh scale line up. Once at the scale hand the recorder the piece of paper and your fish draw tickets. Our staff will hang each fish on the scale to be weighed. Please make sure the recorder is made aware of any hatchery fish or any fish being entered by a junior angler. Pictures of anglers and leader board contending fish will be taken before the fish is removed from the scale. Your fish draw tickets will be given back to you and its your responsibility to ensure that your tickets are put into the fish draw bucket. You may donate any portion of your catch to the Sooke Food Bank and become eligible to win the draw prize available to only those who donate their catch.

4.  Fishing Boundaries

Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament contestants can fish in the Canadian tidal waters off: Oak Bay, Victoria, Esquimalt, Colwood, Metchosin, East Sooke, Sooke and Shirley. The western boundary is a north – south line from the mouth of Jordan River to the US – Canadian International border in mid-Juan de Fuca Strait and the eastern boundary is a east – west line from Cadboro Point to the US – Canadian International border in mid-Haro Strait. Contestants can fish in the waters between the shores of Vancouver Island and the US – Canadian International border between the eastern and western boundaries.


JdF-Fishing-Tournament-Boundaries-150x150Click on the thumbnail image to see a full-sized aerial photo of the fishing tournament boundaries – boundaries are marked by a yellow line.

Any contestants fishing outside the fishing boundaries will be disqualified. PLEASE NOTE: Sidney and Port Renfrew are outside the fishing tournament boundaries. Also you can NOT fish in US waters. For reference Fisheries and Oceans Canada fisheries management areas that can be fished by derby contestants are: Areas 19-1 to 19-4 and 20-5 plus the eastern portion of 20-4 upto a north-south line from Jordan River mouth to the US Canada border.

5.  Fishing

(i) – all fishing must be done within the Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament rules;
(ii) – all tournament participants MUST abide by Fisheries and Oceans Canada tidal waters recreational sport fishing regulations and be bound by any DFO fisheries management variation orders in effect at the time of the event;
(iii) – fish caught outside the derby boundaries are not eligible;
(iv) – fish caught outside the fishing times of the tournament are not eligible;
(v) – derby participants can only register a maximum of two (2) salmon and one (1) halibut per day in their name
(vi) – contestants can fish with ONE rod per ticket and must display the rod sticker for that ticket;
(vii) – contestants MUST display their rod ticket sticker(s) clearly on their boat (if fishing with more than one rod ticket, the stickers must be displayed clearly in one location).
(viii) – contestants boats can only fish with the number of rods that corresponds to the number of stickers displayed (One Sticker One rod, Two stickers Two Rods, Three stickers Three rods, etc.)
(ix) – No boats entered in the derby may come within 30 feet of any other boats. (except official government vessels or derby officials); and,
(x) – No boats entered in the derby may come within 30 feet of the shore except when docking or removing the boat from water at a launching ramp.

6.  General Rules

(i) – tournament tickets are non-refundable;
(ii) – by purchasing a ticket and entering the tournament, individuals agree to abide by the tournament rules;
(iii) – South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition, the Juan de Fuca Fishing Tournament organizer, will appoint event officials to oversee the smooth and fair operation of the event;
(iv) – tournament officials may, where necessary, make a ruling on or decisions related to the application of the official tournament rules;
(v) – in the event of any dispute the derby officials’ decisions will be respected and deemed as final;
(vi) – tournament officials have the right to conduct further examination or inspection of disputed or suspect catches that are in contention to win any prize, draws or event contests

7. Winner-Takes-All Tournament Team Jackpots

When entering any of the team jackpots, at the time of ticket purchase(s), you must provide your team members names and ticket numbers. Please have all the info we require when you attend the pub nights to purchase the team jackpot tickets.
All team members are required to be fishing from one single vessel.
In the event of a tie in any of Team Jackpots the first of the winning fish to be be registered at the scale will be deemed the winner in each of the tied jackpots.

8. Accumulator Exact Weight Jackpot

In the event of more than one entrant registering a fish that hits the exact weight required to win the funds in the jackpot, the funds will be split evenly between all the winners.

9. Prizes

Top Twelve Salmon Prizes

Each entrant may win no more than one prize from the top twelve awarded prizes for the largest salmon.

Exception to above: If the heaviest Chinook overall is a hatchery Chinook the winner will be awarded both $20,000.00 in cash plus the prize for the largest hatchery Chinook.

The draw tickets issued specifically for those fish that won prizes in the top twelve, heaviest hatchery Chinook, heaviest halibut, and both lady and junior winning fish tickets will be removed from the fish draws. If any of those winners weighed in other catches, those draw tickets are valid and will remain in the fish draws.

Perpetual trophies are presented in each of the following categories: heaviest Chinook overall, heaviest hatchery Chinook, heaviest halibut, heaviest Chinook by a junior and heaviest Chinook by a lady.

If either the junior or ladies winners have entries that place them in the top 12 or the largest hatchery categories they will be awarded the champions trophies but must choose if they want to be awarded the prize associated with their placing on the leader board or for the prizes designated for the junior or ladies champions. If either the junior or ladies champion prizes are not claimed they will be awarded to the appropriate angler with the next heaviest fish. In the event there are no further entries in either the junior or ladies categories the prizes will be live auctioned off at the awards banquet. Those funds would be directed towards the Sooke Chinook Sea Pen Project.