Contact page

Tournament Contacts

Chris Bos  –    778-426-4141
SVIAC president and tournament organizer

Rollie Rose  –    250-213-3055
SVIAC director and tournament organizer

Volunteer Staff

Bill Armstrong – banquet manager & band lead
Madeline Armstrong – banquet 50/50 sales
Michelle Armstrong – banquet 50/50 sales
Jacquie Burden – banquet staff
Bill Campbell – registration staff
Betty Cole – banquet staff
Tom Cole – banquet staff
Rob deLange – website design and maintenance
Marianne Duffus – banquet 50/50 sales
Leigh Garrod – website maintenance and banquet staff
Bill Goodwin – photographer
Frank Hudson – registration  and banquet staff
Angela King – registration, weigh scale and banquet staff
Laurie Mcbride – banquet staff
Christopher Miller – registration and banquet staff
Christoph Moch & family – banquet staff
Coral Plensky -registration staff and banquet bar service manager
Brian Ritchie – tournament printer, registration and banquet staff
Anne-Marie Smith – banquet bar staff
Kelly Wagner – banquet staff
Rebecca Wilson – tournament staff